Wouter Hes

Lawyer / partner / mediator

'The best thing a client can say is that the solution has helped him or her get ahead in life.'

‘I focus on incapacitated employees and in particular on the person behind the employee. I am always in search of that one solution that truly helps a person move on and achieve a lasting result. The best thing a client can say, is that the solution has helped him or her get ahead in life. I make good use of my medical background: I am a medical school graduate. That allows me to see a person as a whole. I look beyond the legal framework, which is exactly what distinguishes us at Boontje. We look at the overall playing field of people and parties. I also use coaching techniques in my work. They can lead to solutions that you would not achieve if you took a traditional, purely legal approach. I am also developing advo-coaching. That way I want to make a difference for our clients, make people a little happier, and make a modest contribution to a better world.’

Wouter is a cunning strategist. A lawyer who goes to great lengths to promote his clients’ interests. His clients can count on his full attention, his sincere interest and his constant support. Even in the most difficult situations, he always engages in dialogue and is able to achieve surprising breakthroughs. Wouter is energetic, fit and committed. He is also a great lover of music, books and films, and enjoys playing the drums in his spare time.

  • 0650635917

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