Employment law

Broad and specialist expertise

Boontje Advocaten & Mediators has focused on employment law since it was founded in 2001. Our broad expertise in this field of law allows us to serve our clients in a wide range of sectors, from small and medium-sized enterprises, listed companies and internationally operating companies, to public and semi-public authorities and non-profit organisations. We offer legal advice at all levels, from boardroom to individual employees. Our services are characterised by high quality and reliability, specialist expertise and personal involvement. We aim for long-term relationships with our clients and sustainable solutions for their issues and conflicts in the workplace.

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Employment Law Plus

All our lawyers have broad knowledge of employment law. They are furthermore specialists in one or more aspects of employment law. We have set up ten practice groups that focus on each of those aspects. All of our lawyers are members of one or more of those practice groups on the basis of their areas of expertise. We refer to this as our Employment Law Plus formula. Clients can directly contact the appropriate practice group in each individual case. They are then represented by the most appropriate lawyer for the case. Where necessary, we call on the expertise and experience of our fellow specialists in other practice groups.

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Mediation advocacy and advo-coaching

Mediation advocacy and advo-coaching are two new approaches for solving legal issues and problems. Paul Boontje and Wouter Hes have each developed their own vision and approach of the legal profession. Paul as a mediator and Wouter as a coach, with the transformation of the lawyer’s role and responsibilities as the common denominator. A modern approach based on a unique procedure in which traditional views have been abandoned. A procedure that meets the general public’s wish to avoid unnecessary juridification and to aim for broader and more sustainable solutions. With specialist knowledge of the field of employment law conflicts and an awareness of legal pitfalls. And with a unique perspective on conflict management and a holistic approach.

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International network

Boontje is the only Dutch firm that is affiliated with the Employment Law Alliance (ELA): a worldwide network of law firms that, like Boontje, specialises in employment law. Boontje maintains excellent contacts with the lawyers of the affiliated network firms, which allows us to quickly put clients that operate internationally in touch with the right law firm abroad.


Mediation is a different approach to conflict management, opting for the harmony model rather than the tournament model. No polarisation and legal battle, but a faster route to a solution, whereby the parties themselves remain in control and jointly attempt to solve their dispute. The mediator helps the parties to restore communication and assists in the  

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negotiations towards an outcome that is acceptable to both parties. Several lawyers at Boontje have completed the mediator training course. Three registered mediators currently work at our office: Paul Boontje, Dianne van Moerkerk and Suzan van der Meer. They are all three demonstrably qualified and experienced in the field of employment law.