Mediation advocacy

Mediation advocacy and advo-coaching are two new are two new approaches for solving legal issues and problems. Paul Boontje and Wouter Hes have each developed their own vision and methods within their legal profession. Each of them has done so from his own background: Paul as a mediator and Wouter as a coach, the common denominator being a change in the view of the role of a lawyer. A modern approach based on a unique method. 

Mediation advocacy
A mediation lawyer has internalised the ideas, techniques and skills of mediation into his or her practice. No endless discussions about facts or who is right or wrong, and no unnecessary polarisation, but rather a conscious choice in favour of de-escalation and playing down the negative conflict narrative. A cooperative and constructive approach, focusing on what is truly important, aiming for integrative (rather than positional) negotiations, with respect and attention for both the cognitive and the affective elements of the conflict. Playing a meaningful role in the development of the conflict and its impact on the client and all the other parties involved. A mediation lawyer is definitely partial and promotes his or her own client’s interests, and has a broad perspective, focused on a broad solution, also outside the legal framework.

  • A mediation lawyer acknowledges the impact and effect of the conflict on the client but does not subscribe to the negative conflict narrative
  • A mediation lawyer deliberately opts for the harmony model and reflects on how to be a partial lawyer
  • A mediation lawyer negotiates on the basis of the client’s interests, since that is what it’s all about and what the solution should focus on
  • A mediation lawyer also pays attention to the other party’s interests and point of view, and incorporates them into the solution chosen.
  • A mediation lawyer is not a hooligan or street fighter, but rather a conflict analyst, conflict coach and conflict counsellor
  • A mediation lawyer considers it a favourable side-effect for the client that the real reward lies in reducing stress and saving time and energy, while safeguarding relationships and reputations
  • A mediation lawyer is realistic and regards mediation or a “mediation lawyer in robes” as a reasonable alternative.

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Advo-coaching is a different, broader approach to an employment conflict. It focuses on a person as a whole rather than only on the problem rationalised by that person. Advo-coaching addresses both the client’s perception of a problem and the elements that are rationally important to the client in that context. That way a solution can be reached that not only seems sensible but also feels good. 

An advo-coach uses awareness-promoting and other coaching techniques in the employment law practice. Advo-coaching can be widely used in the employment law practice and has proven its added value, particularly for employees (incapacitated and other). Several lawyers at Boontje have completed the coach training course. Two coaches are currently affiliated with our firm: Wouter Hes and Edith Molemans. They have both acquired demonstrable capabilities and expertise in the field of employment law and as advo-coaches.

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