Focus on both the legal framework and the bigger picture

In our view, conflicts within employment law are more comprehensive and complex than merely the legal framework. At Boontje we therefore always focus on the bigger picture, in which conflict, law, business interests and human needs, emotions and behaviour come together. We take a modern, holistic approach, which stems in part from our experience with mediation advocacy and advo-coaching, and our ambition to truly help people and organisations get ahead. 

Authentic and distinctive
We opt for an authentic approach, by means of which we wish to expressly distinguish ourselves. Advising, litigating or mediating, our lawyers combine their legal knowledge and expertise with a broader view and sense of mutual relationships, affective components and the social impact of labour conflicts. That way we guide our clients towards sustainable solutions.

Proactive knowledge partner in employment law
Boontje has more than twenty years’ experience and is always up to date with the latest developments in employment law and society. As a proactive partner, we like to share our vast knowledge with our clients. We do so, for instance, by means of news reports on this website and on social media, frequent updates on new laws and regulations, blogs, newsletters, workshops (also in-house), webinars and our own publications on employment law topics. That way we always keep our clients up to date and enable organisations to anticipate new developments in good time. 

Socially driven
Boontje actively participates in the social debate in the field of employment law. The lawyers at Boontje do so by publishing, teaching and conducting scientific research. Boontje is also committed to society and encourages its lawyers to work for charitable foundations and non-profit organisations. Under the heading of “pro bono pro Boontje”, our lawyers handle cases free of charge where necessary. 

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