Björn Schouten


'As an employment lawyer, you have to be a jack of all trades. That’s one of the things that make it a fascinating and challenging profession.'

‘Employment law is extremely diverse, because many different areas of the law come together in employment law. As an employment lawyer, you therefore have to be a jack of all trades. On the other hand, you focus on a very specific area, which makes you a true specialist as an employment lawyer. Also, employment law regulates social issues that play an important role in everyone’s life. Work disputes affect people very personally. It therefore does not suffice to view them purely from a legal perspective. That’s one of the things that make employment law a fascinating and challenging profession.’

Björn is committed, intelligent and analytically sharp. He is able like no other to fathom the very depths of employment law, but also to implement it in practice. In November 2021, Björn obtained a doctorate degree with his thesis on “intent and deliberate recklessness in employment law and private law”. On the basis of his scientific interest, he aims to make a meaningful contribution to the development of law. In his spare time Björn is a theatre actor and enjoys riding his racing bike. 

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