Cees Loonstra

Senior consultant

'Success is never a goal in itself; it’s achieved when you follow your heart.'

‘Together with Paul Boontje, I was one of the founders of Boontje. I was a consultant and sparring partner when the firm was established, and I am still involved in the ins and outs. One of the reasons why I opted for Boontje is that it puts the human factor first and foremost. You have to be dedicated, you have to give it your all, but it is fine to be different or have interests other than work. Music, ballet, theatre, art, it is all good.’

Cees is a Professor of Employment Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He laid the foundation for the Employment Law Master’s programme, which has been awarded the title of best thematic Master’s programme in The Netherlands by Keuzegids Masters for years in a row. During his long career, Cees has played a prominent role in employment law in The Netherlands. Numerous publications by his hand, on non-compete clauses and the employer-employee relationship, among other things, have contributed to legal development in the field of employment law. Cees has been affiliated with the firm since its establishment (2001). He made a conscious choice to help establish a small firm with great ambition. Cees has contributed to Boontjes’ growth and prosperity in recent years: as an inspirer, a sparring partner, a coach and a consultant in complex cases. “Our” professor is furthermore involved, loyal and analytical. In sum, an important factor in our human capital. In addition to his employment law enthusiasm, Cees is a bass guitarist and a keen painter. 

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