Lilach Zalait


'No two days are the same in the legal profession. That versatility keeps me sharp.'

‘No two days are the same in the legal profession in terms of content, cases and dynamics. That versatility makes the work very enjoyable, but above all keeps me sharp. A sharp mind is essential in order to find the right solution together with a client. That solution is not always exclusively legal, but also calls for a listening ear and a healthy dose of creativity. I enjoy the challenge of achieving the seemingly impossible for my clients. I do so on the basis of the approach that Boontje is known for: professional, personal and socially driven.’

Lilach is strongminded and social. At Boontje she enjoys the space to develop and grow. Lilach has a passion for cooking and for eating and drinking together, which comes in handy in both her work and personal life. She is a true networker, who knows how to captivate and engage people. Her motto is ‘The tougher the challenge, the greater the triumph’. That applies to her work, but also in her private life. 

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