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Boontje considers the protection of personal data important. We therefore strive to process your personal data with due care and provide you with information in this connection in a transparent and clear manner. We provide you with this information in this Privacy Statement.

Contact details

Boontje has its registered office at De Boelelaan 28, 1083 HJ in Amsterdam. You can reach us by telephone at 020-5727190 and by e-mail via

This Privacy Statement applies to:

  • potential clients, clients and business relationships of Boontje;
  • suppliers of Boontje
  • job applicants at Boontje;

This Privacy Statement does not apply to partners, employees, temporary employees, hired workers and student-interns.

1. Potential clients, clients and business relationships of Boontje Advocaten

1.1.      Personal data (why?)

We process your personal data for the purpose of providing our legal services.

1.2.      Personal data (which?)

Boontje will only process those personal data which are needed for our services. We mainly process the following personal data:

Personal data we have obtained/generated during your visit to our website, via electronic newsletters, commercial e-mails or related technologies:

  • contact details and other personal data that are needed to have your case handled by a lawyer;
  • contact details and other personal data entered in contact forms or other web forms;
  • contact details provided during introductory meetings, events, seminars, etc., such as information stated on business cards.

Personal data obtained/generated during by our website, via electronic newsletters, commercial e-mails or related technologies:

  • IP number;
  • your surf behaviour on the website, such as data concerning the initial visit, previous visit and current visit, the pages viewed and the manner in which the website is navigated;
  • whether you open a newsletter or commercial e-mail and what parts of these you click on.

Personal data we derived from other sources, such as corporate Social Media platforms:

  • personal data available on public corporate social media platforms such as LinkedIn;
  • personal data obtained from the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce and the Land Registry Office;
  • personal data available on public, corporate websites.

1.3.      Personal data (for what reason?)

We use your personal data for various purposes:

Performing an agreement in which you have engaged us to provide a legal service:

  • If you entrust a case to one of our lawyers your contact details will be requested in any event. Other personal data may also be necessary for the handling of the case, depending on the nature of the case. Your data are also used to invoice the services provided.

Maintaining contact with you:

  • Your contact details are maintained in our client system and may be used among other things to send newsletters, updates, invitations to events and seminars and for sending you the information you have requested.

Improving the quality of our product and service information and performing targeted marketing actions:

  • We think it is important that we provide you with information which is relevant to you. In order to make this possible, we combine and analyse the personal data available to us. This is how we determine which information and which channels are relevant and which moments are most suitable for providing information or for establishing contact. We do not process within the context of marketing actions special personal data or confidential information that are protected by the professional privilege of lawyers or civil-law notaries. In the event we would like to create a personal, individual client profile of you, we will ask your consent in advance. It is always possible to withdraw this consent later if you so wish.

Creating user statistics:

  • User statistics of the website enable us to obtain an impression of, among other things, the numbers of visitors, the duration of visits, the parts of the website that are viewed and the clicking behaviour. This concerns generic reports without information about individual persons. We use the information obtained to improve the website.

The improvement and security of our website,

1.4.      Retention period

Boontje Advocaten will not retain the personal data for longer than is strictly necessary to realise the purposes for which your personal data are collected or collected subsequently, unless Boontje Advocaten is obliged to retain the personal data for a longer period pursuant to a statutory provision.

2. Suppliers of Boontje

2.1.      Personal data (why?)

In the event we establish a business relationship with a supplier who delivers goods and services to us for the purpose of the business operations, such may involve the processing of personal data.

2.2.      Personal data (which?)

Mainly the following personal data will be processed:

  • Name and address details and similar data required for communication, as well as the bank account number of the supplier involved;
  • data with a view to making deliveries and orders or providing services;
  • data with a view to calculating and recording income and expenditure, making payments and collecting debts;
  • data for the purpose of maintaining contact with the suppliers;
  • data other than those referred to above whose processing is required or necessary with a view to the administration of another act.

2.3.      Personal data (for what reason?)

We use your personal data for various purposes:

  • processing invoices and making payments;
  • maintaining the Boontje Advocaten professional network;
  • placing orders;
  • the controller maintaining contact with the suppliers;
  • implementing or administering another act.

2.4.      Foundation

Boontje Advocaten processes the abovementioned personal data on the basis of one or more of the following legal bases:

  • performance of an agreement with suppliers;
  • compliance with a legal obligation;
  • a legitimate interest;

2.5.      Retention period

We retain the personal data or data carriers containing personal data, which we require in order to comply as a company with our statutory requirement to keep records, such as invoices, for at most two years after termination of the relationship with the supplier unless a longer statutory retention period applies, such as seven years for financial records.

3. Job applicants at Boontje 

3.1.      Personal data (why?)

If you apply for a position at Boontje, we have a legitimate interest in processing the abovementioned personal data. The processing of these data is necessary to allow the application process to take place properly.

3.2.      Personal data (which?)

Boontje processes your following personal data:

  • Name and address details, gender, date of birth, e-mail address, telephone number and similar data required for communication, as well as the data subject’s bank account number;
  • nationality and place of birth;
  • data concerning the study programmes, training courses and internships followed and to be followed;
  • data concerning the position applied for;
  • data concerning the nature and content of the current employment as well as its termination;
  • data concerning the nature and content of previous employments as well as their termination;
  • other data with a view to the performance of the function, which were provided by the data subject or which are known to him;
  • data other than those referred to above whose processing is required or necessary with a view to the administration of another act.

3.3.      Personal data (for what reason?)

The abovementioned personal data are provided for:

  • the assessment of the suitability of the data subject for the position that is or may become vacant;
  • internal control and operational security;
  • implementation or administration of another act.
  • being able to contact you directly to schedule an appointment or to provide feedback;
  • being able to assess your profile for the position you applied for.

3.4.      Retention period

The personal data are removed at your request, but in any event no longer than four weeks after the vacancy was filled, unless you consent to the fact that your personal data are stored for a longer period.

4. Personal data (sharing with third parties?)

Boontje Advocaten will not transfer your personal data to third parties unless this is necessary for the performance of our services or for the purposes listed in this Privacy Statement. We may also share your personal data with third parties if we are obliged to transfer personal data to the competent authority pursuant to a legal obligation.

5. Rights

You have the right to view your personal data, or have your personal data corrected or deleted. You also have the right to withdraw any consent you may have given with respect to the data processing or to object to the processing of your personal data by Boontje Advocaten, and you are entitled to data portability. This means that you have the right to submit to us a request for forwarding the personal data we hold in respect of you to another organisation you have indicated.

Please contact Edith Molemans if you would like to inspect your overall data processing and/or you would like to transfer, change or remove data you are unable to edit yourself. This can be done in the following ways:

  • by letter via the abovementioned address (see contact details);
  • by e-mail via;
  • by telephone via the telephone number 020-5727190

We strive to respond to your request as soon as possible, but in any event within four weeks.

You can also contact Edith Molemans if you have a complaint about the manner in which we handle your personal data. We would be pleased to help you find a solution. You can always apply to the Dutch Data Protection Authority if the above does not lead to the desired result.

6. Security

We will do everything within our power to secure your personal data as much as possible in order to prevent unlawful use such as unauthorised access, undesirable disclosure and unauthorised amendment or loss. We do so by means of physical, administrative, organisational and technical measures.

7. Cookies and IP addresses

It is the objective of Boontje to guarantee the privacy of the visitors to its website. Boontje uses cookies on its website. The Boontje website does not use tracking or advertising cookies. The use of cookies can be blocked by changing your browser settings.

An IP address is a number that is assigned automatically to a computer when it is connected to the internet. An IP address consists of a series of four groups of at most 3 numbers. When collecting statistics, the IP address of website visitors is anonymised by removing the last number in the series.

8. Changes

Boontje has the right to make changes, additions or adjustments to its Privacy Statement from time to time and for various other reasons. The most current version of the Privacy Statement can always be read on our website.

9. Applicable law

Any disputes that arise from this Privacy Statement are governed by Dutch law.

Version: 1.0, 25 May 2018, 1 December 2021