Edith Molemans

Lawyer / managing director

'I have worked at Boontje since 2002 and am proud to have contributed to our firms’ current position.'

‘The great thing about my work as a lawyer is that you can stimulate people on a personal level in a business environment. I don’t do that on my own: at Boontje, 1+1 really is 3. Individual expertise and a genuine team spirit. We work together very closely as a team and are always there for each other. I have worked at Boontje since 2002 and am proud to have helped build our firm from the ground up. As the managing director of our firm, I am the link between all the various people who work at our firm, each with their own personality and expertise. I look for that same connection when working with clients and contacts of the firm. Loyalty and commitment are essential in everything I do.’

Edith is social, committed and involved. She has a strong rapport with a wide range of clients and colleagues. Her spontaneity and open approach have earned her the confidence of all her colleagues and at the same time allow her to maintain long-term, warm relationships in her network. She likes to spend time on the water in her spare time and greatly enjoys surfing. 

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