Although we generally prefer amicable settlements, there are situations in which legal proceedings (‘litigation’) are unavoidable,. This also applies to employment disputes.

Nearly all procedures typically involve two factual instances: the court of first instance and the court of appeal. In first instance, conflicts between employers and employees are usually settled by the district court. In addition to standard legal proceedings, employment law includes several special procedures, such as cases before the Entrepreneurial Chamber of the Court of Appeal in Amsterdam, class actions (often initiated by trade unions), and summary proceedings for urgent provisional judgments. Employment law also encompasses specific procedural rules related to dismissals. Questions regarding the competent court and applicable law often arise in employment disputes with a cross-border nature.

A thorough understanding of procedural law is essential for effective litigation. Furthermore, strategic choices can significantly influence the outcome of a procedure. A thorough knowledge of procedural law is crucial for effective litigation. Moreover, strategic choices can have a significant impact on the outcome of a procedure. Our practice group has extensive expertise and ample experience in the field of litigation. For example:

  • Proceedings in dismissal cases;
  • Proceedings for or against the Works Council at the Entrepreneurial Court;
  • Summary proceedings in strikes or other urgent matters;
  • Collective actions;
  • Proceedings concerning non-compete clauses;
  • Proceedings concerning damages.

We guide you or your company through this (often unwelcome) process in a careful and clear manner. Additionally, we act as advisors to fellow attorneys in more technically complex legal proceedings.

If you have questions about litigation, please feel free to contact us directly: