Sports and Law

Sports and Law

At Boontje, we specialize in employment law in the broadest sense, including the role of (employment) law in sports. This combination often gives rise to intriguing but complex issues. In the world of (top)sports, rules frequently differ from those outside the sports realm. The intricate regulations of (international) sports federations also play a role in employment law conflicts. Furthermore, legal proceedings are often settled by specialized arbitrators rather than civil courts.

The most famous Dutch sportsman in the Netherlands, Johan Cruijff, once spoke the wise words:
“Soccer is simple. However, it is difficult to play simple soccer”.

Our team can provide advice on various employment law issues related to the world of sports. Consider, for example:

  • Various employment law issues between employer and employee/athlete;
  • Sports disciplinary law and transgressive behavior;
  • Privacy (e.g., regarding the sharing of medical data);
  • Post-contractual clauses (non-compete/relationship clauses);
  • The (special) position of the coach/trainer;
  • (Corporate) Governance and supervision within sports institutions;
  • Specialized (international) arbitration committees;
  • Collective labor agreements within the sports industry;
  • Employee participation within sports institutions.

Additionally, we closely collaborate with external specialists in the fields of intellectual property/portrait rights in sports, facilitating transfers/sponsorship deals and determining a (crisis) communication strategy in case of publicity-sensitive issues.

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