Suzan van der Meer

Lawyer / mediator

'My way of working is perfectly in keeping with Boontje Advocaten’s vision, which focuses not only on the legal framework, but also considers the bigger picture.'

‘As an employment lawyer, you’re at the centre of society. That makes the field fascinating and relevant at all times. In my work, I like to connect with my clients. Commitment and trust are essential in that respect. That allows me to identify my clients’ interests and wishes and achieve the best possible result. This way of working is perfectly in keeping with Boontjes’ vision, which focuses not only at the legal framework, but also considers the bigger picture. We do so in a down-to-earth manner, without any attitude.

In addition to my work as a lawyer, I am also an MfN-registered mediator and I mediate disputes in the field of employment and collaboration. I experience being a lawyer and a mediator as a valuable combination, because my experience as a lawyer helps me to supervise a mediation process well and vice versa: because of my experience as a mediator, I am more capable as a lawyer of resolving disputes in a sustainable manner.’

Suzan is reliable, straightforward and authentic. She is genuinely interested in her conversation partners and that gives clients and parties at the mediation table the confidence that they are genuinely being listened to. Her extensive experience in employment law in the broadest sense allows her to oversee the playing field and to quickly get to the heart of the matter. She then takes a practical and goal-oriented approach in order to achieve the best possible, yet sustainable solution for her client or for the parties in a mediation process. Outside of work, Suzan likes to spend her time with her family and enjoys good food and wine with friends.

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