Lisa van der Geest


'I apply in my work the same discipline required in top-class sport. You have to aim to deliver your best performance every time.'

‘I have combined my work at Boontje with a career as a speedskater on ice. I apply in my work the discipline required in top-level sport. You have to aim to deliver your best performance. That requires a strong mentality; there’s never any room for complacency. My aim is to keep improving. You have to seize the available opportunities. At Boontje I’m given all the space I need. Personal ambitions and initiatives are fully supported here.’

Lisa has a listening ear and always thinks a few steps ahead. She is very persistent and dedicated to achieving a good result. Within the Boontje team, she is an energetic, spontaneous and creative team player, who always focuses on the client’s actual gain. Nowadays Lisa has said goodbye to top-level sport, but with her winner’s mentality she already has a new career perspective in mind: developing into a top-level lawyer. 

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